Here are some tips to make ordinary Halloween party decorations look scarier and some food suggestions to impress guests.

Yellow lights add an eerie effect. If you’re having a party, it’s best to dim other lights and put yellow bulbs in corners or under hallow plastic skulls. It will keep the light from getting to bright while giving it that scary effect.

Paper the outside of the windows with thin brown paper, it will give your windows some protection from any eggs that are tossed and when the light is turned on, it will give a nice yellowish glow to the windows. Anything you prop up against the windows will create a great shadow on the paper. You can create different silhouettes for each window.

Use black and red paint to make scars and scorch marks on jack o’ lanterns, or spray them all black and leave a few strips of orange. Add hats, tree branches, wigs or stick it with a knife or pins to create a unique look. Take a jack o’ lantern, spray it white and line the eye sockets red and stick it full of pins to resemble Pin Head from Hell Raiser. You can use other things like novelty axes or arrows through the head.

The food has to be unique; Halloween gift baskets give you lots of different candy options, and Halloween fruit baskets or fruit bouquets are perfect for a party. Fruit bouquets for Halloween are made in pumpkin shaped containers with pineapple slices cut in cat, ghost and bat shapes.